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Telescope Power and Data Box


I have been busy again ( I just can't stay away from the shed )

This time it's a Power and Data Box for my telescope. It will be mounted on the pier once I have an obsy. Until then I'll just hang it from the eyepiece tray under the tripod.


- 10x USB in 2 5x USB groups
- 6x 12V socket
- 4x 5V socket
- 2 channel PWM dew heater controller
- 1 serial port (USB to serial adapter)
added later:
- 7.4V power supply for my Canon EOS 1000D DSLR camera
- output for motor focuser

- kettle style mains socket
- 2x USB-B socket

The heart of the box is a 12Volt 20A switched power supply. It powers the 6x 12V sockets, the dew heaters and a 12V to 5V 5A voltage regulator. That 5V regulator powers the 2 USB hubs, the 4x 5V sockets and the fan.

There are 2 completely separate (apart from the power supply) 7 port USB hubs with separate input sockets. I have kept this separate in case I ever needed to connect 2 PCs (one guiding, one imaging for example). I hope the common power supply does not pose a problem.

This shall be sufficient for the forseeable future.
The only thing I know I forgot is a 7.4V power supply for the EOS 1000D. I'll add that.

Here is the finished product:

And this is what it looks like inside:

This took me 18 hours to build (excluding planning time) ;-)


I have added more functionality to the box. The 7.4Volt power supply for my EOS 1000D camera is now also in this box. The connector is a 6.5mm phono plug to avoid confusion with any of the other 5V and 12V outputs.

The power supply is at the bottom right on this picture:

I have also added the control circuitry for the motor focuser to the box.

This is the circuit:

And here it is installed in the box:

This shows the 2 extra connectors

Further, I improved the wiring on the main power supply and added a few more wires on the 12V rail to support higher currents.




As usual, more pictures of the build in progress here: