Welcome to yesyes DIY and astro


*** If you came here to find information on electronic products I design and sell, please go to the Electronic Products section ***

On this website I will publish information on my electronics DIY projects and my astronomy / astro imaging hobby - for my own record, for the benefit of others who want to do similar projects and of course to brag a little... ;-)

In the DIY section there will be lots of pictures detailing the steps of the projects. I'll also post the schematics of the electronics where appropriate. You will notice that most of the electronics projects are related to my astronomy hobby.

In the Astro section I will post my astro images and details about my equipment.
(this section still needs a lot of work)

If you have questions or need help understanding and/or copying one of my projects, or a similar one, you can use the Contact page to contact me. Please don't forget to include your email address so I can get back to you.