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Telescope Cable Management


I was fed up with all the cables dangling off the scope and the risk of them getting caught somewhere while slewing the scope. So I was looking for a cable path around the mount that would allow for full movement of the mount. I came up with this:

I used extra large cable clips that can be opened and closed. These allow the cables to still move. I left the cable ties in the right places a little longer. These hold the cables in place at the clips. If something pulls, it will pull the cable ties through the clips rather than rip the cable. That also gives it a little more slack.

When I set up the scope I just need to put the complete cable bundle in the clips and connect everything. Each connector will be in the right place. At the end of a night I just unplug and unclip it and hang it on a hook in my shed.

It also includes the external cable between controller and Dec motor unit of the CG5 mount.

A few more pictures here: